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Church Tower

The work on the church tower finally commenced on Monday 14th March with S. McConnell as the contractor. We have faced many challenges and especially with a higher project price now of £320,000.00 [including professional fees]. The contract is for 6 months. The work is to replace the sandstone at the very top of the t

We thank parishioners for their generosity to this project over the last 3 years and especially with direct giving of around £200,000.00. We have received a legacy in the last 6 months and one grant which will be paid out at the end of the project. The Select Vestry have also applied for another grant. At present there is still a shortfall in reaching the contract price but we remain hopeful.

Some parishioners continue to use a standing order to pay into the Tower Fund Account and if you want details for this, contact Iris Murphy in the parish office on 028 92 673271 or

Parishioners or friends may also make one off donations to the project. We would ask that you mark the envelope clearly as ‘Church Tower Project’.

We will be setting up a direct payment scheme on our parish facebook page in the next week.

When the work begins there will be restrictions around the church grounds. The Church Lane gate will be closed at all times and is for use only by the contractor. There will be limited parking in the church with access via the Smithfield entrance. Please be mindful of this on Sundays, when there is a funeral and busy times such as Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning or when dropping off or picking up at night from a parish organisations.


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